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Dr. Cindybet Pérez-Martinez, PhD, MT-BC, NMT


Dr. Cindybet Pérez Martínez, PhD, MT-BC, NMT is a board-certified clinical and neurologic music therapist with over 10 years of experience. She is also a music educator and special education specialist certified in Puerto Rico, the State of Florida and the State of Alabama. She completed her BA in Music Education at the University of Puerto Rico, her Masters in Music Therapy at Illinois State University and her Doctorate in Music Therapy at Cambridge International University, Spain. She has experience working with neonates, infants, children, youth, adults, elderly and families in a great diversity of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospice, among others, helping individuals and families improve their quality of life and health through music therapy.

Dr. Pérez resides in Puerto Rico where she serves as a professor of music therapy at the Pontifical Catholic University in Ponce, PR, and is the founder of the Puerto Rico Music Therapy Institute which is the only company that provides comprehensive music therapy services in the Islands of Puerto Rico. Dr. Pérez has researched the impact of music therapy in children with trauma after natural disasters, music therapy as first response in children in foster care, music therapy for children with ADHD in Puerto Rico, among other topics. Currently, she is working on research regarding the history and current state of music therapy in Puerto Rico and the benefits of music therapy for patients with prolonged covid 19.. She is also working on her book Music Therapy and Spiritual Care and The keys to unlock amazing therapeutic relationships. As an international speaker, she has been a presenter in conferences in Puerto Rico, USA, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil, as well as a member and delegate of international music therapy organizations. She continues to offer conferences, classes and workshops; to educate the community and promote the uses and benefits of music therapy and offers counseling, supervision and training to other music therapists in order to expand the field in the island which is one of her passions.

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